The Roadway Intelligence Lifestyle has as a major support area education of its community and members.  This education is segmented into two areas – Individual World skills, and Societal World Skills.

The Individual World Skills relate to concepts and techniques from the Roadway Intelligence Book of Intelligent Observation that was written by the founder and Lead Visionary.  These are a combination of assessment & observation techniques, meditation practice and temporal goal planning methods.

The Societal World skills focus on communication and messaging methods.  Modern technology is a cornerstone of messaging to a large audience.  As a result, the educational program is being presented as a standard format following the Private Postsecondary School Sector structure. The Societal World program is called Corporate Certificate School (CCS).

This portion of the education program will include current and next generation video editing, content capture & creation, production and media distribution.  This not only will allow the community to promote the message of the group, but also find employment and association in the societal world, that will allow the members to be able to maintain the duality of the individual World & Societal World System.

Roberto Mendez
Director of Education

As a community service, the educational programs, including those with certification are being offered at NO COST to the community member.  These programs include practical experience internship, and are designed to help community members start careers in the media arts or transition to new careers in the professional media arts that support and are compatible with the duality of worlds concept.

Information about application to the school, and the current coursework can be found at Corporate Certificate School –