RI Announces Roberto Mendez Elevated to CEO

LIVERMORE, CA.——As part of the continuing restructuring of Roadway Intelligence, Founder Pallab Chatterjee is stepping away from the CEO role to be able to focus on the community activities and strategic directions of the group.  Roberto Mendez, currently Education Director, will be stepping up to the role of CEO to better drive the operational and logistics aspects of the business following the restructuring.  This shift will bring a new emphasis on the educational, partnership and community aspects of the company’s business.  This new direction is being anchored by the launch of Corporate Certificate School (CCS) [corpcertificate.org]. A postsecondary school, CCS is a tuition-free education model featuring hands-on teaching and integrated internship programs that teaches modern media tools to present video messaging on streaming, broadcast and corporate platforms. 

“As a result of the new world for both business and society because of COVID-19, the 35+ years of technology and services now becomes the foundation for the next 35 years, rather than the daily operation” said Roberto Mendez, CEO & Education Director for Roadway Intelligence. “The traditional technology contracting services and trade publication-based media were dealt a fatal blow with the pandemic.  As we are guiding our community, and expanding the participation options, we think that Education, Practical Experience and both Exposure to & Adoption of new workflows and functional technology are what will be the common trait of companies gong forward. The formalization of the CCS program and update of partner arrangements is key to helping prepare our community for the 2030 message economy that will be here soon.”

The full press release can be found below:

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